I'm going to get an RM-06 Type 2 and the set of Dawson Precision MOS sights and that's going to be my EDC gun. So far, shoot’n guns...home defense and range, although I have begun to experiment with carrying the G45 and it is working out better than I thought. G19X doesn’t have the newer breech cut that the newer Gen 5 pistols like the G45 have (which aids in ejection), G45 is available in MOS (in black, FDE and gray), 19X isn’t. G19X has a removable lanyard loop, G45 doesn’t (although Glock does make a black lanyard loop). First warning: This, like every other article recently posted regarding the Glock 19X, is an OPINION. In reality, the G45 has far more in common with a Gen 5 G19 or G17 than it does with the G19X Also would require the #33601 11 coil mag spring). And since its release on the 22nd of the same month, it has seen so many mixed comments pouring in. The New Glock 45 Leaked. 0%. Granted, it’s (hopefully) an educated opinion, but it’s just opinion. 0 0. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Nevertheless, when I purchased the Glock 45, I also threw in a 1000 round case of Blazer 115gr FMJ 9mm. This is a table top rundown of the characteristic differences between the Glock Model 45, the Glock 19X and the Gen 5 Glock 19 9mm pistols. Happy Thanksgiving! 0 05:16. G45 comes with 3x G17 mags. G45 is available with factory threaded barrel in black, gray, and FDE – all come with suppressor sights – some Ameriglo. G.A.P. 0%. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I already have the standard 43 but I really like the way the new 43X and the 48 feel in my hand. “Glock 19X, The Cons: There has been a demand forever for a Glock with a long sight radius and small grip. Hey guys. The glock does let you grip way higher on the gun but with a few days practice it wont matter. glock 37 impression and carry, a few mods coming for the g37. 147 gr Lawman FMJ Surprisingly I was best with the 19x (all in the A zone in 7.88 secs). A clear distinction is the degree of flare at the base of the magazine well of the G45. But that is not really true. Joined the 45 club today! I would have thought I would have done better with the G34. Related videos. Glock 45 vs 19. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19 Gen4 and Glock G45 SIG P320 vs Glock 19. G19X comes with 2×19 round mags and 1×17 round mag (although you can add ‘+’ floor plate, which is Glock part #7151, and insert, which is part #7165 to 17 round mags to make them 19 round. 1 06:50. Sounds like a great plan. I have compiled a list of differences that I have noticed and included them below. They also both come with accessory rails for attaching lights and lasers. The Glock 45 eliminates these military-specified requirements, trading them for a traditional Glock-style magazine well. It appears that the October digital … Differences Between the 19X and 45 – It is Not Just the Color! Sig is nicer. The desire is for a concealable gun (due to small grip) but full sight radius of a full size Glock along with the added benefits of less felt recoil due to full size slide. Both of our competitors are striker-fired pistols chambered in 9mm, which is one of the most popular self-defense rounds. G45 will. 0%. It is the only reasonable solution to the problem! Let me know if you notice any others. Critics of the Glock 19X said that this makes it possible to pinch users’ fingers while reloading, interfering with the reloading process. (There was a very limited run of 389 Glock 19X pistols with threaded barrels for a special contract, but only 8 are in private hands, including the one I own.) Known differences are: In reality, the G45 has far more in common with a Gen 5 G19 or G17 than it does with the G19X, Your email address will not be published. I bought the 19X and had JagerWerks cut the slide for a Trijicon RMR RM-06 Type 1, installed Trijicon suppressor height night sights, tossed on a Surefire x300 and that is my primary hiking, hunting and range gun. 0% "Glock in the G37" by ssitnes. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I like the lack of the cutout on the front of the mag well and front serrations. The Glock 19X is NOT part of the Gen 5 family, Differences between Gen 4, Gen 5, and M pistols. The Glock 45 and the Glock 19x are very similar and both released in a one year period in 2018. G19X uses maritime spring cups, G45 uses normal spring cups (although they’re both interchangeable). The 19X is available in the SL version, which comes from the factory with a color matching Streamlight TLR7A light that has the Glock logo on the bottom. I timed and scored my Glock 34, Glock 19, Glock 19 with RMR and the 19x. Glock has tested, and proven, the new models go even longer between mean stoppages, which is … Considering the Glock 19X? ARMAS- GLOCK 37 en 45. 45 is not. The Glock 45 is the pistol for Glock owners who approve of the Commander pistol concept and … Shawn Ryan compares the Glock 45 to the Glock 19x. It has a new barrel design for increased accuracy. Required fields are marked *. The SIG P320 Compact has very similar dimensions as the Glock 19. I don't think I'm going to run a light on it right now, if I do I'll probably end up getting something short that doesn't stick out past the end of the slide because I'm trying to keep it compact. The Glock G19X only has most of the Gen 5 upgrades. Current production Gen 5 G45 has front serrations, G19X doesn’t. The Glock G45 has all of the new Gen 5 upgrades. It has “19” in the model due to the slide length. There are a number of differences between them that make such a comment somewhat silly. The disadvantages will apply more to target shooters as this is considered to be a Glock used solely for home and self-defense. Unless Coyote Tan is your favorite color, the obvious choice here is the Glock G45. I installed Ameriglo Bold sights, Talon Grips and an Apex Trigger/Connector. 0 00:20. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Glock 19 is top of the crop when it comes to popularity. I have seen some people posting that the Glock 45 is just a black 19X. The full-size frame and the compact slide have joined forces to produce the ideal pistol for all conditions and all Who knows what the future holds:). Now that we got to know the models and variants of both the 1911 and Glock, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). This is a discussion on P320 M17 or Glock 19X/G45 within the P250, P320, & P320 X-5 Pistols forums, part of the SIG Sauer Pistols category; If you get a P320-M17before May 31, 2019, SIG will give you two 21 round mags. However, doing a reliability check on a 9mm Glock is almost a waste of ammunition. The new Glock 45 was leaked by the German magazine Caliber in their October digital issue.Also leaked by Glock Europe was a Gen5 Glock 17 MOS, an addition that to the Glock line that will make Glockophiles happy I am sure.. Gen 5 G45 has a flared mag well, G19X doesn’t. As Glock rolls out new variations of current production models or introduces new sizes and options, fans of their products line up to help gun shops sell out for months. About Share. I would personally pick the 19X because of the color but now I'm thinking about it, I already have a 19 but now I want the 45. I bought a 43X last weekend to keep the 45 company...great little gun. 45 is not. Couldn’t be happier. P320 M17 or Glock 19X/G45. How long did it take to get your slide back from JW? G19X is coyote (NOT FDE), G45 is available in black, FDE, BFG, and gray. Cops, on the other hand, appreciate the extra speed that the funnel provides when doing combat-style reloads, so the G45 has the magwell. Magazines for the G45 and G19x share with the G17, G17L, and G34. The “X” in the 19X is the extended frame. The Glock 45 shares nearly the same characteristics as the 19X except it is black, so if color is a problem go for the G45. Glock 37 Gen 3. Glock 45 vs. Glock 19x. I recruited two friends and a pile of various different factory Gen 4 and Gen 5 magazines as well as an assortment of Magpul GL-9 magazine… (Both the Glock 19X and the Glock 45 … As a huge fan of The Office...that is a great gif! In the fall of 2018, Glock announced a new model to follow on heels of the wildly successful Glock 19X called the Glock 45. You Might Consider the Glock 45 Gun Instead. 1 14:14. We're going to compare the 1911 and the Glock in a few different categories. The Glock G19X has no clear advantages; unless you consider color and a lanyard loop advantages. I put quotes around “Gen 5” because mags aren’t really generational like the pistols are. The new Glock 45 was leaked almost a week ago by the German Caliber magazine operated by All4Shooters.com, a subsidiary of VS Medien GmbH.. RECOIL was tipped off to the leak by Firearm Rack's post covering the leaked Glock 45 that also covered more leaked models like the Gen5 Glock 17 MOS that have been confirmed to be real.. Based on your height I would say go for a full grip length. Date: June 27, 2020 G37 17 19 19x 23 26 27 34 36 45 9mm glock pistol. I’m trying to decide between the P320 M17 and the Glock 19/17/19X/G45. Your email address will not be published. Glock fanboys will disagree of course. That is worth $120.00. They are both great performers and each is special in its own way. If you are looking for a black Glock 19X, you might be in luck in a few days when the new Glock 45 is presumed to be announced. As far as being the same...how about I give you a Gen 5 Glock 17 magazine and a 19X and we will see how much fun you have that day:), I want to get a G45 to replace my 19x as my carry piece so i can keep my 19X as a range toy, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. 45 is also available in MOS with threaded barrel in FDE. Yesterday, I made a few tweaks to my new G45. From: Aimie. I believe I'm also going to purchase a Glock 43X and toss Ameriglo Agent sights on it. Compare the dimensions and specs of Glock G19x and Sig Sauer P320 X-Carry Before we get into the Glock 19X compared to the Glock 19 Gen 5, it is essential to understand the reason the 19X was designed. G19X has the nPVD slide finish, 45 has the standard Gen 5 nDLC finish. 0%. I skipped the Glock 45 because I already had the 19X but I decided to sell my 19 Gen4 and purchase the new 19 Gen5 MOS because basically it's the baby brother to the 45. it has the front cocking serrations the frame is identical to what the 45 has feature wise but the … There have been more than 20 versions of mags just for the G17. I also polished the trigger group. Glock has released several pistols in recent years, however the Glock 19x and Glock 45 are at the top of the radar for most people. So, the ideal would essentially be a Glock 17 with a Glock 19 grip. G45 doesn’t. 0 views. Running a live-fire verification is a good practice on any handgun that will be used in a defensive capacity. It’s built for faster reloads, while the G19X is built to keep dirt out. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Two shots to the head and two to the body on IDPA TARGETS 7 and 10 yards from a holster. Glock 19x is my favorite glock btw, it's a great gun, but the brass hits me in the face or lands down the back of my shirt, sig frames fit my hand better. It still has an enlarged and … The long grip/short slide is my favorite Glock configuration...not sure why...it just works for me! I have kept my 19X completely stock. Both of these pistols feature a full size Glock 17 frame, but with a shorter Glock 19 slide. Unlike the 19X the Glock 45 doesn’t have a magazine extraction cutout at the base of the grip. Fuck it, I'll get both. G19X has the overbite at the bottom of the front strap. The Glock 45 Nice setups! The 19X is also part of the new “Generation 5” model of Glocks. I know this is a Sig Sauer Forum but I did this same thread over at a Glock Forum and wanted balanced answers so I’m doing it both places. This also results in the G45 being slightly (1mm) wider. Glock made their reputation on reliability, but the Gen 5 has taken this even further. Like. I love both pistols and would not be able to choose if I could only have one. The 19X is available in the SL version, which comes from the factory with a color matching Streamlight TLR7A light that has the Glock logo on the bottom. I skipped the Glock 45 because I already had the 19X but I decided to sell my 19 Gen4 and purchase the new 19 Gen5 MOS because basically it's the baby brother to the 45. it has the front cocking serrations the frame is identical to what the 45 has feature wise but the standard 19 length and it comes precut for an RMR. Glock 19X Gen5 9mm 17rd 4.02" Pistol - $599.99 Introducing the GLOCK 19X, which combines the best features of two of GLOCK’s most popular and most trusted field-tested platforms. Glock 45X vs Glock G19X – Which One Should You Buy? On the 2nd of January 2018, at precisely 9:00 a.m. EST, Glock announced its newest arrival the Glock 19X. 1911 vs. Glock. The GLOCK 45 combines the fast handling of the GLOCK 19 compact-sized slide with the full-size frame as a compact Crossover. G19X won’t take “Gen 5” mags unless you swap the floor plates.