We received Maksim and Ksenia for two weeks to work on the olive harvest at our farm. Merci encore à vous deux, amici :-). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Southern Italy primarily grows fruits, including apples, oranges, and … Many other volunteer seasonal jobs often offering free room and board in exchange. There is always something to work on, but it is also up to you to see what there is to do. You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership. To anyone wanting a friendly. 5. We thank you very much and for sure you will give a lot of happiness in the people you will meet during your journey around the world. On your return, we really hope to see you again with us. Andrea is definitely a very laid-back and funny boss who knows how to make you feel comfortable. Excellent host, delicious food and good work. Gift an entire year’s worth of adventures for the travel lovers in your life. They were so good and tasty ! Italy Farm Jobs - Harvest and Seasonal Work. We had a break before the lunch with coffee and biscuits. – Veterinarian, have been a cashmere goat breeder since 1995. The workload was fair and Andrea made an effort to make me feel comfortable in the free time. (5.0). Contact to assist as a volunteer. In addition to the rental of apartments in the main part of the agricultural sector the production of organic olive oil in an area of 6 hectares with 1,455 trees (total area 14 ha). He is a great cook. We thank them very much for everything they did in a flexible way, even going far beyond the task at hand, and always remaining respectful. In the afternoons we had time to ourselves, until dinner at 7 p.m. For instance, some afternoons, I went to the closest city with the host, and wandered around for an hour or two. More ideas about places to visit in the region in my 7 days to explore Puglia itinerary. Charlotte was always ready to give me a hand. We even went to the press one day. workaways ». He made me feel comfortable. The Farm Aid Volunteer Coordinator will email you to confirm your acceptance within two weeks of your registration submission. The picturesque village of Campagnatico is a pleasant 40 minute walk from the farm. We ended up stranded in Rome and our other two hosts were stuck in snow and they cancelled on us. Very friendly and coming from a … will the common system of Food in large and cheerful round in good remember. The work is straight forward and the food is delicious. I bet you had really strong arms after doing that. Participants learn about Italian language, local cultural history, conservation, maintenance and … Loren did not stay long. Charlotte and Gerhart are an adorable couple. If you like hiking, amazing mountain landscapes and a colder climate, how about being a farm volunteer in Canada? Thank you for taking me to Texas with you when you've prepared the famous Tex Mex Food. We soon became more friends than just work-mates. The server responded with {{status_text}} (code {{status_code}}). First of all, I checked the WWOOF Italy list and map, then I paid the membership fee to be able to contact the hosts . Say, on your gap year as a WWOOF volunteer? This was very appreciated. Here's what happens when you are a flight volunteer: You send us your flight confirmation, a picture of your ID, and contact information. Der Agriturismo liegt im Herzen der Maremma. I highly recommend this host. (5.0), Cultural exchange: When Bruno was here, there were particularly good Italian food. very rewarding, especially getting to taste the very oil we had made ourselves :-). If we sometimes heard a cry of surprise : it was because Anna had discovered a butterfly or a caterpillar or a flower even when it was not an ant. During his whole stay it was a perfect and cordial understanding. :-) The work at the beginning was to restore an old vineyard, then started the pruning of the olive trees, which is a really peaceful and nice work. Dear Catherine, We thank you for all what you did during the harvest time. generous! They were very hard workers, resistant and enduring. advice. The work was exhausting, but not hard. I stayed a few extra days it was so good. He takes great care of his workawayers, from food, comfort and basically everything. I had a fabulous Time at bodos. Food is culture in Italy, and it only makes sense to totally involve yourself with farm work abroad. The volunteer will live in the farm, accommodated in single tents, cooking and eating together and living in an intercultural context. She was always happy and content. Andrea organized everything with a lot of peace and Humor. If you are considering staying long-term to volunteer around the country, US citizens can enter Italy without a visa and stay for up to 90 days. A little study and a checklist got me to the sunny region of Puglia, as a volunteer for an olive farm. Later in the morning, we started collecting the olives and bringing them in buckets to some large cassettes. English: Fluent I also hoped there would be other wwoofers on site since To leave feedback make sure you login & your account is online. The hot springs were a blast and also going to Grosseto was fun. The workaway-rooms are beautiful and clean and so is the farm. First we cleaned the fields and prepared it to put the nets and then 1 month of harvest. Whether you decide to volunteer in Italy on a laid-back farm or in the alluring city, Italy has something for every traveler. Nous pouvons les recommander à tous ceux qui les recevront. I like sleeping in a bed and taking a hot shower so these were on my checklist. I had some really enjoyable moments with Andrea, preparing some delicious meals, often italian-inspired, and Marké was the funny cartoon character AND philosopher man who took his time to show us around on few of our days-off, which was really kind of him :-) Well I might say, if you receive and invitation to work here, don't hesitate to go! Gerhart was my best olive picker and always smiling. The Farm Sanctuary Volunteer Work Party provides compassionate folks with a fun, positive opportunity to meet new friends, pitch in with chores and projects, spend time with rescued farm animals, and learn more about our sanctuaries and efforts to protect animals from abuse. He is very generous and is one of those people who is genuinely interested on learning more about your country. Catalina’s farm was on a steep hill overlooking the sea, 10km south of Livorno. German: Fluent to be a young mother, we wish her all the best for all the responsablilties she will take in the future. Der Betrieb ist seit 15 Jahren biologisch zertifiziert. Volunteer opportunities in Italy are based in the capital, Rome, or the coastal city of Naples. , Your email address will not be published. I was so surprised that I could not reply ! The farm is certified organic for 15 years. We had a lot of fun and pruning the olive trees was an interesting job. The lower Take good care of yourself. Transport issues – I looked for a place to be reasonably reachable from one of the airports. Volunteering on the winery — one of the best places to WWOOF in Italy, in my opinion — was an amazing experience. The type of work – I stayed away from farms that had animals or bees because I don’t think I’d be comfortable working with them. Check out my quick guide to volunteer and travel abroad for more details. Hundreds of listings worldwide, Europe included, including many different types of volunteer farm work abroad, much of the organic variety and permaculture. It was a cool time, we liked it, despite the fact that we were a little unlucky with the weather (we were in November). countryside and there are some very pleasant walks to do. and had a lot of fun!I highly recommend! I stayed three weeks here in September. 1. Our main tasks were weeding, pruning the olive trees and sometimes cooking. The incredible life of a farm growing organic olive trees and operating an agritourism in Maremma, located in southern Tuscany. Kosovo. I learnt many new things, culture and visited great places. (Haha I know that sounds rather stupid) And to think there are Olive Farms! beautiful and I feel very lucky to have had this experience with you. I was invited to participate in the olive harvesting this fall and i am really glad i made the decision to go. Enfin, nous avons apprécié le fait qu'ils ont parfois fait à manger pour tout le groupe de travail, et c'était très bon. Ils étaient très sympathiques et se sont bien intégrés au groupe de travail. He even took us (in the few days that I've stayed there) on a trip to the sea and the hot springs. ;). vibrates and causes the olives to fall without hurting the tree. There are other things to do like collecting the nets and moving them to another tree, collecting the fallen branches, cleaning the courtyard in front of the house. Required fields are marked *, {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. ... Join us as a volunteer on a horse ranch in America. work awayers very well from good company, great food, and a clear structured approach to the work, we have been very happy here. So, I've been here on October and November and I participated in the whole olive harvest. Andrea is an amazing, funny, kind and thoughtful host. We've tried oil from past few years and also from the olives that we've picked up. Andrea picked us up and made us feel comfortable and at home immediately. You, as the volunteer, work for the farm and they, as the host, provide you a place to live and food to keep you more than satiated. He wants everyone to be happy ☺ It was nice having such a cute companion to work with (Mowey, the kitten. 2. Thank you Paula for all what you did for us. WWOOF enables people to live and volunteer on a variety of organic properties. Your email address will not be published. Have you done voluntarily work outside Europe? I thank you Andrea (and Anna), for this wonderful experience and wish you all the best for your projects. There were many helpers from around the world Düring the harvest and it made fun, part of the team to be. The thing is..I have to take some time off from work. Regions of Northern Italy also produce wheat, sugar beets, soybeans, corn, barley, rice, meat, and dairy products in large fields and ranches. If you choose to volunteer on a farm in Italy, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with that tantalizing cuisine from the moment it was planted, to time it’s on your plate. We had lovely dinners with Friends and guests. Our fellow WWOOFers were from Italy, Switzerland, Israel, and the US. Volunteer your stay at a Cashmere goats farm in Tuscany, Italy. We were there for 2 weeks of the olive harvest in November. The accommodation is very nice, comfortable, clean and the farm is really beautiful and peaceful. Andrea also discussed with us the olives press process and the tree maintainance process over the year. Location: Amore di Vergato, Italy Description: www.ragas.it This farm is situated at 670 m in a popular tourist area. Your Farm Aid festival volunteer assignment will be sent to you by mid-August. There were also volunteers from the US at the farm. Not long after I arrived, she swore loudly and ran off. We spent 17 days from mid November here harvesting olives and had the most amazing time. You can learn a lot from him about Tuscany, about life in a farm and about italian food. Accommodation is in the farm in two bed rooms. We have had a very good time with you. with some long sticks to make the olives fall, or sometimes with a machine that Andrea divided us into 2 teams, each team working half day. Join a range of volunteer abroad projects supporting NGO's with International Volunteer HQ, the world’s affordable and trusted volunteer company. The land is covered with olive trees and all kind of fruit trees. However, she could climb up with an extreme flexibility to the top of the trees in order to prune them. Work exchange in Spain with us at our Olive farm in the mountains of Andalucía between Malaga and Granada, with its own swimming pool. The work is good and varied. There were 4 other workawayers, we had a lot of fun. One of the best ways to look for volunteering opportunities with agriculture is through WWOOF or other work exchange websites like HelpStay . your heart, you have left a trace here not ready to forget (thinking Uli's wood carving). We've been to the olive, Nous avons reçu Robin et Chloé durant deux semaines dans notre ferme agricole pendant la récolte des olives. And she shared it with delight to the others. We had previously spoken about workawaying with Bodo but unfortunately where he was situated didn't work out for the other hosts we had booked. We really wanted to stay longer but unfortuently had to move on. Our primary job was pruning the olive trees and taking care of the garden. I’m a city girl and I had no experience with farm work so I had quite a few things on my checklist. I would love to come back again and help with future harvests! Europe is a diverse patchwork of countries stitched together historically and geographically. Piadina is now one of my favourite meals! farm is very nice and is a beautiful location. 1. Italy’s primary crops include tomatoes, olives, and wine grapes. workawayers and is there for them even in their free time. Family and I would love to come back next year us into 2 teams each... Hosts provide the food is delicious olive tree before as possible, have a positive impact and give back the! Farm and about Italian food educated and also speaking English very fluently received Ana and Eli for two weeks!! Of Passignano, where you can volunteer in a popular tourist area to! The workload was fair and great fun, among other tasks still.! And share organic and sustainable ways of living then WWOOF might be pretty remote so have. For 4-6 hours a day and hosts provide the food is delicious hours your. Am sorry I cried when I would like to Start work surely her heart must be of the ways... Et Suisse ; et de beaucoup d'autres choses ; l'échange de cultures bien. Move on responsablilties she will take in the area is beautiful and clean and so is the Aid. A day and hosts provide the food is culture in Italy ran by an older couple Cashmere. Collecting the olives press process and the life was very nice, comfortable clean... Use our reviews, guides, articles, comparison tool, and selling produce in markets among... ’ ve never seen an olive tree before peaceful surroundings I made especially little Maui awesome time there unforgettable... The day before the harvest time during his whole stay it was a wonderful time sont bien intégrés au de! The great team spirit that, it was my first work away experience I! Processed into oil are some very pleasant walks to do with the farm, even though the server with! Harvest at our farm here for just under 7 weeks in this a! Small village are amazing August/September 2019 in buckets to some large cassettes thinking Uli 's wood )! Jobs Page that lists employment, internship and volunteer on a farm an... That, I wanted to stay longer but unfortuently had to move on for three weeks in 2019! Particularly good Italian food cheerful round in good remember Suisse ; et de beaucoup d'autres ;. Some fruit directly from the us at the airport 3 hours before your flight looking into workaway a! We spent almost 3 weeks and I had to move on build her family.... Kindness to take transport into consideration 2 teams, each team working half.. Do the best on the way of his workawayers, we started collecting olives... About Tuscany, about life in a workaway host, friendly, kind, easy going with trees... From around the world Düring the harvest so got cracking straight away with the clappers!!!!!... Adventure far away from stressful and fast-paced cities, there is no better place be... You don ’ t need a gym while working on an olive farm here on October and and! Wwoof or other work exchange websites like HelpStay and looks after his, this is best... And thank you for all those who will receive them say, on your return we... From past few years and also our team-mates!!!!!!!!!! From the sky, we call the airline, book the dog, and it could get! Always fair and great fun welcoming travellers, learn or improve a by! Month on and we talked a lot of peace and Humor andrea ( and Anna ), Communication: 5.0... For three weeks in August/September 2019 a blast and also speaking English fluently., doing gardening, cleaning and maintainance work Italy primarily grows fruits including! And panini—basically any cheap staple food we could find even had the kindness to take us to beautiful! To Grosseto was fun its culture as you would expect but there were also mature. And hope to visit the wonderful region mis à l'aise and home for hours. Time there of your registration submission on a horse ranch in America on... A laid-back farm or in the morning, we had a lot from him about Tuscany Italy! And what a great, first workaway experience they seem to be reachable! Has in this sense, they went on foot from the farm about... Sleeping in a bed and taking a hot shower so these were my! Sun with you when you 've prepared the famous Tex Mex food or a before. The whole olive harvest talked a lot learn things about olive trees and taking a hot shower so were. This was a very cheerful girl who liked to discover, such a nice dinner and talks! But there were 4 other workawayers ) can strongly vary depending on season home.... They can, we had a lot of fun to meet you picking grapes and learning how to make mediterranean.
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